Sensory Table: Water Table on a Budget

June 25, 2009

water tableI love sand and water tables and I feel the store bought ones are much too expensive! So, I’ve created a simple solution for a hot summer day… a water table made from a 31 quart storage bin, placed on top of a child sized table and different cups, spoons and items from the house. It is simple really and extremely affordable. I chose this bin because it is clear, holds a good amount of water and is tall enough to keep most of the water in.

I use everyday items from the house for water tools for the kids to fill, dump, fill again and pour. A strainer will make fantastic rain. A funnel is great to fill bottles with and any empty containers or squeeze bottles will be put to good use. Measuring cups have multiple purposes. Oh and ever wonder what to do with left over plastic easter eggs? The possibilities are endless and you don’t have to break the bank!


Additional Ideas:

  • Add some liquid dish soap so the kids can make bubbles
  • A few drops of food coloring
  • Line the bottom of the storage bin with aluminum foil to make it shiny
  • Add a bag of clean aquarium gravel
  • Add a tray or two of ice cubes so the kids can watch them melt
  • Add sand and plastic gems. Give the kids spoons to use for shovels. Have them find the buried treasure!
  • Add sand and seashells and boats for an ocean theme
  • Cut out foam craft pieces into the shapes of lilypads, add corks and other items that float. Then add marbles, buttons and rocks. Discuss the difference between the objects

Want to clean up after fingerpaints? Have the kids use the water table so they can have fun while cleaning off! Today we decided to use the water table after we pulled a lot of weeds. The kids were very dirty and we were very hot so it was a perfect way to end the afternoon. Just remember to dump the water afterwards and you have clean kids and a dual activity!


2 Responses to “Sensory Table: Water Table on a Budget”

  1. great idea! I’m going to tell my sis-in-law about this. I remember my now 7-yr old playing with her water table. she loved it. and love your ideas for added fun. stacie

  2. littlepeachlings Says:

    Thank you Stacie! My now 7 year old daughter is still enjoying the water table!

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